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Why G.AI.A?

A marketing platform that creates personalized and targeted campaigns using Artificial Intelligence and advanced Machine Learning algorithms. With G.AI.A, you will understand your clients’ transactions and behaviors. Building relevant experiences and delivering customized content. Increasing your return on marketing investments.

Gaia Dashboard Preview

Intuitive design and friendly interface, making the user experience simple.

Import your data and let G.AI.A do the rest.

Suit for any business and industry. No implementation required, and no hassle to use.

Gaia Dashboard Preview

Increase your revenue by creating more efficient and effective customer interactions.

Key features

G.AI.A will understand your client's transactions and behaviors to build relevant experiences, delivering customized content. All that to increase your return on marketing investments.


Fast, safe and simple way to monetize your data.


Smart and easy ways to identify your customer behaviour.


Where the best strategy meets the best channel for better results.


Intuitive interface for results and insights generation.

How it works

G.AI.A is based on two main technologies:

Our Plans

A new generation of segmentation, data analysis and automatic campaigns platform. G.AI.A learns and understands patterns in your data, generating personalized campaigns for targeted costumers yielding only the best results.

Amounts in euros, monthly payments.



50k database records

150k e-mails to send

1 login

€ 99,00


200k database records

600k e-mails to send

5 login

€ 299,00


500k database records

1,500k e-mails to send

10 login

€ 999,00


On demand

On demand

On demand

On Request

G.AI.A's Use Case

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