We are G.AI.A., a data-driven marketing company that works to bring people and brands together through data with creative and innovative designs and actions.

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Our team of experts works to create fans of your brand and your company.


Our team has large experience in database structuring and management. We build, manage, treat, segment and analyze all your information to understand what your consumer wants.


The good application of Artificial Intelligence allows mass customization, create offers and personalized actions and contextualized at the moment of the client. Thus, with completely targeted communication, the consumer really feels protagonist and experiences a differentiated experience with the brand.


Retaining is even more efficient than winning new customers. That's why we have an amazing team to implement any loyalty and incentive program. From planning to integration, through management and creation of the entire program, we can contribute to your business in a personalized way. Tell us your need and we will design the best solution!


Relationship marketing is about people, their wants, demands and dreams. It's about understanding that the multichannel consumer wants to relate to who is aware of him. Today we need to go beyond the end result. Brands must be aware of the entire journey and points of contact with the consumer, because it is this care that forms the experience and underpins the purchase decision. We are here to help you with this whole process!.


G.AI.A. has two main products offered in SaaS mode:

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Founder - CEO - Luiz Panareli

Luiz Panareli

Founder - CEO

Founder - CMO - Chris Ranoya

Chris Ranoya

Founder - CMO

System Enginner - Marcelo Alves

Marcelo Alves

System Engineer

Software Enginner - Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos

Software Enginner

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